Our DJs are very professional and will work with you from start to finish to make sure all aspects of the music for your event are taken care of. Well versed in all genres of music, they will make sure that everyone at your event has an amazing time.


We offer an array of different lighting options for your event. We can provide something as simple as lights for the dance floor to uplighting options for around your banquet hall.

We can even project custom images onto the dance floor or a wall. Be sure to ask about the various lighting setups we can do for your event when you contact us.


With a large array of equipment, we can setup the sound system for your event, big or small, to your specifications. We will work with you on speaker placement, volume levels, and all aspects of the sound system to make sure that the sound is heard in the areas you want it to be.

Our engineers will be manning the equipment, for the duration of your event, and will make adjustments as needed on the fly while your event is taking place.

Also, we will provide mixing of any bands that will be performing at your event and as well as work with any MCs that will be making announcements, so that the sound is optimal and clear.